Light & Swishy Tails

by FurryD

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Created since May 28, 2013.... It's finally time to bring this out. I haven't touched this one for quite awhile now and it deserves to be out for a long time, simply in my hard drive.

It was a sunny day at your usual furriKira quarters, actually, just executed the furriKira username change back since exKira/exKirupa last few weeks this was made.

The sun is shining and the atmosphere is active, a good day to make something nice. There it popped up. The song was first named "Blocky" and was about to be more of a blocky song than using Synth Pads.

The song is literally supposed to be a remix of an old popular Minecraft song, one of the first ones actually named "In Search of Diamonds". If you listen carefully, the chords are actually derived from there. Ever since there, it just... spread out, then it became "Light and Swishy Tails"!

A huge delay happened since the song was done because of one problem. No one actually helped Kira to determine the genre. Now it's now released on the 10th of October with a guessed genre, "POP TRANCE".


released October 4, 2013



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