An ε> A Heart

by FurryD

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"Your heart is worth three moons more than a simple heart."

Fully named "An Epsilon More Than A Heart", this song has been worked on since October 21, 2013. Something that suits you for those who wants their hearts worth more than just a heart.

The song is originally made as an attempt to go and try another song of with same genre like "Light and Swishy Tails" has, which is still self-proclaimed "POP TRANCE" where a trance feel is mashed with popular feel.

"An ε> A Heart" ended up to have a nice active tune but have two main instruments going together and a big wide blank space of beats are waiting to be filled in. It took a long while what to fill in the gaps where it was filled 4 months after the song is made.

The song at first was originally have the two instruments go along with each other by shuffling instruments one set of beats after another. This concept was cancelled since the instruments didn't go very well with each other. That concept alone is the reason it suited the theme of love and decided to be released on Valentines 2014.


released February 14, 2014



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